z4So I was sort of brain stuck about what I should write next, so I decided to write about one of my favorite bands, which is Pink Floyd; they did after all tell us that we could write about whatever we wanted. I remember the first time I listened to them, I was with my cousin and he kept telling me about how great they are and all that. But that’s not the point, I just wanna talk about how they make me feel. Whenever I hear any of their songs, I get this sort of depressive mood. Pink Floyd created this special genre that no artist has ever been able to duplicate – and in my opinion, no one will ever be able to put up music like the one they did. They’re not like the other artists of the day, the ones that keep going on and on about how great everything is and about how if you do that you’ll be happy and all that stuff. They rather let you into their own lives and complexities. They let you face reality rather than make you escape from it for a few minutes. If you’ve heard any of their albums or watched the movie The Wall you’d probably know what I mean, or not, I don’t know, that just how they make me feel. In the movie, I saw what they meant about people destroying others. Ranging from governments destroying their people to family members destroying among themselves to a self-destructive rock star, the movie has truly opened my eyes to the reality, and somewhat atrocity, of life. I guess they left an enormous impact on me, they made me realize how life was like. They prepared me for it in a way no one and nothing ever did. I know this article is way too short to honor them, so I’ll leave as just an article of how they have influenced me.

By: Laila Hamouda