I wait and wait and wait

To see the change,

But it never comes.

For years and years and years

Our lives have been shaped for us.

You have no choice;

Either you like it or… you like it,

No other option.

But there is always this day that…

Something happens,

That makes you think,

Think about who you are,

And think about what your reason for being is.

As everyone has said before, “Everything happens for a reason!”

Well then, “Why am I here?” “What’s my destiny?”

I know that I can leave my mark as small or as big as I want on the people,

But I’m not allowed.

It’s like a flower blooming,

And everyone is admiring its beauty and radiance,

Until a day comes and someone steps on it

On purpose…

We all know that God created everyone equal,

Yet, we only preach it.

It’s true when they say actions speak louder than words

Because people never follow what they preach;

And it’s fascinating to see how people light up when they feel loved;

And it’s heartbreaking to see how certain governments think murder is all right; When they go around saying that we are all one.

We should think before we trust

Because when we trust someone we think cares for us,

It’s always soul-sucking when we find out that those same people,

Are the ones abusing us.

By Nour Fahmy