It was a bright morning in a small village located in the midst of a large forest somewhere in the Americas. The sun was shining through the tall trees, crossing the eyes of the young kids standing by the road like every Friday morning awaiting the ice cream truck. Later that night, the village elders meet to discuss action against the ice cream truck because most of the little children’s teeth became full of plague and bacteria. They learn that the company that owns the truck is headquarter in a big city far far away, New York they call it. The elders decide to send two of them to speak on their behalf, and deliver their concerns to the company’s board. They chose a man and a woman, Adam and Eve, to represent them and their future generations and present their point of view. The next morning they take off with their horses, leaving their village with a transcript signed by the village elders, not knowing if they will ever make it to the other side of their journey or if they will ever return to their homes, but they leave anyways with hope that the safety of their children will be fulfilled. A month later and after an adventurous journey the doubles finally arrive at New York, find the company, and speak to the board. The CEO of the ice cream company refuses to halt the truck but in an attempt to calm the village elders he transfers them to the company’s best dentist to try and find a mutual solution. Adam and Eve explain their concerns to the dentist and in return the dentist tells them that the kids must brush their teeth on a daily basis and that it is a necessity that they do so. The village representatives thank the dentist for his cooperation and on their way out they ask a few final questions:

“Doctor, do you know where we can buy toothbrushes for the kids?” Adam asks.

“No.” The doctor replies.

“Then do you know where we can buy toothpaste for the kids?” Says Adam, astonished by the dentist’s previous answer.


Right when Adam is about to leave in silence, Eve steps in and asks: “How do you brush your teeth then, Doctor?”

The doctor looks Eve in the eye and replies with a lame smile showing his yellow teeth: “Who said I do?”


This analogy shows our corrupt modern world and the hypocrisy of humanity’s top leaders represented in the United Nations. The small village is our planet earth. Adam and Eve are representatives of the human race. The ice cream truck is nuclear weapons. The company that is responsible for it is the United Nations, with its board being the Security Council and the dentist being the five permanent VETO members. This resembles how the permanent members always offer a solution for problems, yet they never provide the ways in which those problems are applied. The irony here is that the VETO states have the same exact problem but they cannot solve it for themselves, meanwhile, they force others to resolve it and make them face consequences if they fail to find a solution.

The United Nations’ Security has for years been asking nuclear and chemical non-proliferation from Syria, North Korea, and Iran, so as have they been fighting for human rights in several Arab countries. Again, ironically, the same exact situation is taking place in Israel but no one seems to drop an eye on it, why? I don’t know. To increase the irony, the five permanent members of the Security Council own 95% of all nuclear weapons!

By Youssef El Ghazzawy