Tears are a part of every one, whether a baby, child, teenager, or adult. Your age does not matter. They come in the saddest and happiest moments in your life. You cannot stop them because without them you do not express what should be expressed. God gave us tears to express our melancholy and our laughs. Tears are beautiful because they show how alive we are.


When I saw my grandpa stand far away while my mom and uncle were hugging good-bye, I did not understand why. But when I went to say good night to him I saw his eyes. I do not know if he had watery eyes because of happiness in seeing his daughter and son hug or because of sadness in seeing his son go back to Canada. Maybe he did not want to show his tears to anyone; and I guess that is okay, as long as they exist. However, the true reason I think he was standing afar was to see his family together; happy and sad together. And he just wanted to see how gorgeous and whole it is.

By Nour Fahmy