During the month of September, Egypt was overwhelmed with protests all around the streets.  AT LEAST 968 protests during the month of September were formed. 80% of all these protests were for political reason. The Muslim Brotherhood formed 42 % of all these protests. There were 408 protests from the Muslim Brotherhood during the month of September. They formed protests for many reasons and chanted and said, “Erhal ya Sisi”, “Erga3 ya morsi, and “yaskot yaskot hokm el 3askr.”

Most of the protests were formed on a Friday, after the Friday prayers. However, over the month they have decreased: 68 protests to 60 protests to 49 protests- going on….! For notes: Student from schools and universities held 259 protests during this month!

When will all of this stop, it is okay and part of democracy for people to ask for their rights. However, there shouldn’t be violence. Many protests were filled with violence, as many people died and wounded. When will we feel safe in our country again?