aaaaThe dictionary definition of censorship is the practice of examining books, movies, etc. and suppressing unacceptable parts. Censorship is what our government uses to “Protect” us from what isn’t “Appropriate” for example. But here’s the thing, censorship is what leads to misperceptions and lack of understanding. For example, in both world wars, governments censored pictures in order to give the people the impression that the war was basically a sport thus increasing recruitment. However, censorship does not protect the people, it merely blinds them. The more your government censors, the more suspicious you should be of their acts.


Censorship can be used positively however; for example, in the Arab world, anything that’s too graphic or sexual would be censored. That seems acceptable due to the fact that talking of sexuality in the Middle East is taboo. Censoring curse words can also be acceptable because it does not have a significant effect on the people. However, when one’s government censors important data and media, then they are only allowing the people to see and understand a part of the picture.

By Yosr Abdel Bary