The 21st century has been a fruitful period in terms of technological advancement. Utilities ranging from telephones, music carriers, GPS systems and computer technology have all been compressed into what we know as tablets and smart phones. Furthermore, the technological industry is growing at an exponential rate. Back in early 2012, rumors emerged regarding augmented reality goggles being worked on by none other than the search giant, Google. Later that year, Google Glass was announced. It’s all the hype nowadays, and the Internet and tech world is rich with speculation and excitement. Google Glass has attracted the attention of the world, and is certainly a step forward for the technological industry. What, exactly, is all the excitement about?

Google Glass takes the first major step towards wearable technology, and possibly the future. It is a compression of computer and mobile phone technology placed right in front of your eyes. One can perform virtually any task they would normally perform on their smart phone. The camera is accessible through uttering a vocal command (or through the touchpad conveniently placed on the arm of one of the frames), and it records footage and snaps photographs in first person. There is also GPS functionality, but one will first need to pair Google Glass with their phone through the MyGlass app to enable GPS. This feature also entails a handy translation feature, which translates both written and spoken languages into any preferred language. Finally, one can engage in video conferences with friends and family through the Google Hangout app, which allows the wearer to stream live footage through Google Glass. Navigating through the features of Google Glass has been made simple through the microphone and touchpad built into the device, so that one can easily shift from feature to feature either through voice commands or gestures.

ImageRegarding the specifications, speculation is heavy regarding the battery life. It’s said to last a day depending on the owner’s use; however this is yet to be seen. The built-in camera can take fairly decent shots at 5MP, and can film at a whopping 720p. The most interesting feature of Google Glass is how sound is delivered to the wearer. Utilizing top notch audio technology, sound is transmitted via vibrating one’s skull which in turns delivers sound to the ears. Horrifying and fascinating in some aspects, but Google guarantees it is utterly safe and will not intervene with the experience.

Google Glass is definitely a fascinating piece of technology to discuss. One might consider it a gimmick, while another might find it to be a beneficial utility. Regardless of opinion and fact, Google Glass offers a glimpse into the future of technology. The ability to wear your gadgets takes personalization to a whole new level, in essence. This invokes many questions: How integral will technology become towards daily life? More importantly, how dependent will we become on our gadgets?

By Timour Abdel Razek