eeeOn the evening of the 18th of October there was a partial lunar eclipse. This eclipse was visible from both hemispheres but only to places surrounding african and of course africa itself. But what is a lunar eclipse. According to the Oxford dictionary a lunar eclipse is when the moon passes over earths shadow making it disappear even though it is a full moon. This specific lunar eclipse was only a partial so only half the moon disappeared and not the whole moon. The fascinating thing about a lunar eclipse is you get to see a whole month cycle in just an hour or two. Instead of waiting for a month and slowly watching the moon slowly you get to see the whole thing unfold in front of you in just a couple of hours.


A Lunar eclipse is not an extremely rare thing it isn’t like a sun eclipse or a venus eclipse. Even then it is still a fascinating thing to watch. This specific lunar eclipse was the last lunar eclipse of 2013 the next one will first be in 2014. But don’t worry if you are interested in the night sky wait till november were there will be a comet that will be so bright that you might even see it in the morning on the horizon.

By Aly Bahaa