This weekend I stumbled across the work of an artist that I’ve never heard of before – Nam Nguyens. I spent some time trying to find out more about the artist himself and all I could find was the mini biography on his Facebook page. Skipping through the boring details like his age, origin, and where he lives; what I liked the most about Nam was his view upon art. He wrote: “paintings that I consider to be successful are always on the verge of falling apart. To me, that’s the fun of it—the eminent collapse, and also the challenge. When I look at paintings that are the least successful in the formal sense, they are most successful from my perspective as the painter.”

I loved his idea of subsiding and most importantly the way he applies it in his photos, paintings, and designs. In all of his pieces, there seemed to be this sort of dark and eccentric touch. Whether they were human faces made up of flowers or a heart torn out of a body, every single artwork of his amazed me even more than the one before it. I especially loved how he uses old props such as Polaroid cameras and then graphically modernize his photographs. This blend between the old and the new has truly showed me what a genius Nam Nguyens is.

Here are some of my favorite abstract photographs than Nam did.

By Laila Hammouda