India is one of the most popular countries in which honor killing takes place, especially in the northern state of Haryana. The reason why India is popular in honor killing is due to the radical beliefs, traditions, and cultures, which the villagers acquire. One of the villagers in Garnauthi stated, “Our culture is not like you have in the city. Here our women live behind curtains.” In India a woman is considered a disgrace, or shame to a family, since a family would be lucky if they have a son rather than a daughter. On September 18th 2013 a girl and her boyfriend paid the price of falling in love as they were murdered and beaten to death in the village of Garnauthi.

Nidihi was twenty years old, while Dharmender, her boyfriend was twenty- three, they were both from the Jat community and the same caste. They fell in love and planned to get married. However, everything was changed as soon as both families acknowledged it. The families had to find a way to stop them as they considered them a shame and dishonor to their family.


             A throng consisting of about twenty- four people went in Garnauthi village waiting for a woman to appear. The moment Nidihi appeared, the assassination has taken place. She was murdered and beaten to death by her own family.

The same crowd moved to her boyfriend’s place and village and he was dismembered alive. Nidhi’s family chopped of his arms, his legs, and not only that, but they as well dislocated his head from his body. Nidhi’s family was responsible for the death of their own daughter and her boyfriend. Nothing was more important and valuable as their pride and honor.

On the next day, which was Thursday, both families attended their children’s rites with no feelings of remorse or shame. They were remorseless.

The police considered this an honor crime and Nidhi’s mother, her uncle and a driver from the village were arrested. Her uncle was interviewed and asked why were they so brutally murdered. Her uncle was so frustrated and angry and stated, ” what was done to them was the right thing to do. We had to set an example.” So basically what he meant was that he had to set an example for others not fall in love. The question raised here is: Is now love a crime to be aware of?


In India culture and traditions acquire great power that occasionally is greater than the love for their own children.  Families in India find that pride and honor is one of their main values that they are always trying to protect and not be affected by their children.

If you are interested in finding out about this crime you may watch the video attached:

By: Nada Sorour