The Day of International peace, celebrated at the 21st of September of every year, originated through a proposal by the United Nations in 1981 to spread love and peace throughout the world.Ironically, never since then has the world bHuman Peace Sign New York 2010een closer to war than it is today, with the Middle East at peak of a full scale war featuring chemical warfare, which is now within the hands of several states in the area; some of which are Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Two main conflicts have surfaced recently in the area, the GCC-Iranian Conflict on the Tunbs and AbuMusa islands, and the Russian-American proxy war in Syria, which are both struggles to control strategic positions that monitor the flow of over 45% of the world’s oil. Sadly, we as humans not only have failed to learn from our mistakes in the past but we are literally following the exact steps that lead us to war in the past.Anwar El Sadat once said, “Peace is more precious than a piece of land, let there be no more wars.”   -Youssef El Ghazzawy

–>       Should everyday be Peace Day?

Only through making peace with ourselves and finding tranquility can we ever embrace the whole of creation. Imagine a world where bullets are replaced with flowers and words of love. What we do now will not only affect us, but also ourchildren and grandchildren. So start sharing the peace, beginning with your relationships with others! – Mai El Naga


In my opinion peace day is not only a day were all country’s should stop fighting but a day were everyone should be helpful to everyone around you. Peace day doesn’t just mean that you should be friendly to people, it means more then that it means to help people around you and to give back to the community. So instead of just wearing white and being friendly go help someone out with something and give back to your community. – Aly Bahaa


It’s really ironic that we actually celebrate something called peace day but once you think of it, it actually makes no sense. Many nations all over the world think that in order to achieve peace,one must have war, which actually defeats the whole meaning of the word peace. I guess Peace Day has a different meaning for everyone. It could mean being peaceful spiritually for example or it could mean living in a country where security or national security is a strong point. It is simply a matter of perspective because we could all be celebrating completely different things on the same day. However, what we do know about the word “Peace” is that it has a postive connotation and so war was never a good thing -Yosr Abdel Baryimages

Peace day is a day dedicated to world peace and the avoidance of war and violence. It’s a day that should open some people’s eyes to what is currently happening around the world and pay some respects to the many losses of lives taken away in these traumatic past years. Mother Teresa once said, “Peace begins with a smile.” So make sure to share one of your beautiful smiles with each other tomorrow! -Nada Abdelatty

Personally, I believe that it’s highly selfish & hypocritical of us to celebrate “Peace Day” when the entire world is in such turmoil. -Laila Hamouda