Ever had a complete stranger flash you a friendly smile? Someone you barely know, or maybe not know at all hold open a door, pick up something you dropped, and just for moment, you felt that this world isn’t so cruel after all? It’s those little acts of kindness that can truly brighten up our days, and attain faith in humanity  despite all the disappointments it can conjuerd up. Sometimes something or someone that may seem minor and insignificant can be the contrary to many of us. We may look back upon that random act of kindness time and time again, and think to ourselves, “Why can’t there be more people like that in this universe?”  Sure, the action itself may not have seemed particularly large in terms of helpfulness, but who said that something has to be large to be helpful and momentous? Ever since the dawn of time, man has held the belief that his creations, acts, and thoughts would only be significant and appreciated if they were bigger and better than the last man. Is it not time that this is mentality expelled, or at least not focused upon? It’s time for something new, fresh, something that we are ALL capable of achieving! Random Acts of Kindness, anyone?


Surprisingly, there is an organization that is solely dedicated to performing these random acts of kindness. The RAK Foundation (Random Acts of Kindness) is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization, whose foundations are based upon the powerful belief in kindness, and the wonders it can lead to. The actions they support are based upon what members of the foundation have come up with and acted upon. These acts include spending time with elderly, giving and making things for the homeless, writing thank you letters to services (i.e., fire department, police station) and people whom have made a difference in your life, free hugs day, helping out a neighbor, and so much more.  There are over three hundred thirty two ideas that members have contributed to the organization, and they are increasing by the minute! But RAK is not a single international foundation; it has branches that have vastly spread through schools, universities, summer camps, internet blogs, etc. Kindness is contagious after all.

You can join an RAK branch today. One of those branches is available right here at AIS! RAK was brought to AIS at the Imagebeginning of this month, with one notion in mind; to make our student body more welcoming and integrated, as opposed to being classified into social groups, each with a certain attitude and personality. We are in charge of organizing monthly awareness activities, movie nights, bake sales, and charity work. Just as stated, RAK has ideas on how to increase kindness increasing by the minute, and your thoughts would be more than welcome and appreciated to take into consideration!  Whether it’s hipster, grunge, preppy, or nerdy, kindness will never affect your personality in a negative manner. For further questions, speak to any of the RAK heads, which include, Rowan Mostafa (founder), Rachel Ikekhua (founder), me, Laila Hammouda, Hana El- Khawanky, and Sandra Ramzy. Remember; Kindness is contagious, spread it!

By Amy El Zayaty