There once was a young beautiful girl who was a bawab’s daughter. Her parents were not educated, but she went to school every day. She knew it was important for her to succeed in her education because she did not want to fallow in the footsteps of her parents. She did not want to marry a bawab’s son and later become a bawab’s wife. So she had to succeed.5004047913_65c94ee144_o

            As the years went by she, with her talents and dedication, worked hard to go to the college of her dreams. And as her senior year approached the dread of taking imtahan el sanawaya el ‘ama crept in. Nonetheless, she studied hard and on the first test she got a 92% and she did this on her own, with her own sweat! She had no tutor to help her study and her parents could not help her even if they wanted to. I was amazed.

For the second test she got a 95%, but surprisingly, it was not enough. It was not enough for her to go to the college of her dreams. Now she is starting to accept the fact that one day she will be a bawab’s wife. Her dreams of becoming an independent woman with rights were destroyed, all because she is a bawab’s daughter.

By Nour Fahmy