I see her face enveloped in shame.

The strive and brutal battle for acceptance

Engraved upon her innocent face

“I’m here for you,” I whisper

But the pounding echoes of rejection and humiliation have weakened her hearing..

For whenever she opened up to laugh with the world,

The world would open up to laugh at her.

All odds against her—like a glass marble amidst rotten grapes.

Her walk is unsteady

As if every step stabs her in the gut.

I run up and offer my hand,

But the horrid images of being shunned and ridiculed have blinded her..

Who had the heart to treat her this way?

If they had any heart at all..

My mind races; the girl’s about to fall.

…. The girl’s about to fall….


Heartbeats halted. Jaws dropped. Clocks stopped. Oceans stood still—but she.

She got up.


By Sara El Messiry