A gang of 15 years old girls bullied a 12 years old girl. They sent her messages saying “ You should die” and “Why don’t you go kill yourself.” The 12 years old girl, Rebecca, couldn’t take it anymore so she committed suicide by climbing a tower and jumping from it. There were investigations on the crime and someone named Judd stated that Rebecca was absolutely terrorized because of what was happening to her. Detectives found dairies in her house that showed how Rebecca was depressed. “Her writing would break you heart,” Judd said. Before jumping from the tower she tried before to commit suicide by cutting her wrist, but it didn’t work for her. Rebecca changed from one school to another, but she was still bullied in any school she went. Detectives looked over her computer history and they found out that she was researching on ways to kill herself.

Why are there bullying everywhere? Why don’t people stop and think before they do anything? Think whether their actions are harming others or not!

By Manal Ahmed