OCTOBER 27 – 31

Spirit week is a very popular week and is the only time of week where you get into the spirit and participate in exciting activities. Spirit Week’s objective is to increase the amount of schools spirit and to bring everyone together to improve the school’s spirit. In AISE, we will celebrate Spirit Week with different themes; Sunday is Dress like an Athlete Day, Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Mix and Match, Wednesday is Halloween Day and Thursday is Wear Blue to represent AIS panthers. The school has organized fun activities to participate in this school spirit week such as chubby bunny, water balloon fight, and tape a classmate into the wall as well as many more. This week is all about bringing everyone together, as well as having fun! AIS students will work together to enhance the school spirit, as they cooperatively focus on this goal! -Kenzy Fahmy

Day One:

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Sunday was the dress like an athlete day. Whether people dressed up like football players to golfers to motorcyclists, the AIS Students truly showed off their creativity by expanding their horizons beyond the plain sports and showing their true athleticism!


One student even came dressed up like Hulk Hogan!! If that isn’t creativity, then I don’t know what is. The activity of the day was the water balloon toss, which was very action packed and exciting. Pulling through it, the juniors came out first, while the seniors came in second and third place. – Ali Badr

Event: Water Balloon Toss

Winners: Juniors!

<- Passant Ahmed

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Day Two


Rola, Radwa, Nermeen, and Nadia


One of the biggest nuisances that High School students encounter is the hassle of getting dressed in the morning. You were up till 3AM last night finishing up your procrastinated schoolwork, and you’re cursing whoever invented school to an unimaginable degree. And the night before, you were up till 3AM finishing up that Chemistry lab report, 4AM the day before that because… well, you get the point. The last thing you want to do in the morning is roll out of the comfort of your bed and change into your uniform. Wouldn’t each morning be way less of a pain if we all just rolled out of bed in whatever we’re wearing and came to school? On the second day of spirit week here at AIS, us lucky panthers got to do just that! Nearly everyone in high school came dressed down in their pajamas. It was most definitely a change from the norm, seeing everyone decked out in sleepwear. All in all, this day was a huge success. It was a fun, yet convenient way to show school spirit, and see some things about your friends that you may not know. Maybe your friend who’s sixteen going on seventeen came to school with pajama pants covered in pink unicorns… bet you didn’t know that.

Mrs. King and Mr. Spannring


What else has our school whipped up for day two, aside from pajamas? To make each day of spirit week a little more interesting, there is a daily event that takes place during lunch, which incorporates students from every grade. Today’s event was the human spider. Each grade had to attempt to tape one of their classmen to a wall, and have it hold for ten seconds. In first place, were our freshmen, congratulations you guys! In second place, the juniors, third place goes to our sophomores, and fourth, to our beloved seniors. Way to humiliate your class members everyone, and keep up the panther pride!

Event: The Human Spider


^Ali Rasheed

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Day 3

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Mr. Lentz, Nada Hosney, and Nadeen Abdel Latif


Mix and Match Day is all about MIXING all your clothes and don’t forget you are not supposed to MATCH. You have the opportunity to MIX everything, even your socks! AIS students wore both trousers and shorts, purple and red, and some even had two watches on.


No matter what students wore, they LOOKED AMAZING. Get crazy and wear crazy clothes, this being the main objective of the day! Don’t forget to have FUN. Enjoy this day and make it memorable! -Manal Ahmed


Tayam Kamar

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Event: Chubby Bunny

Congratulations to Abdel Aziz Sabrout from 12 grade, with an astonishing total of 14 marshmallows stuffed in his mouth! He was yet able to say the words Chubby Bunny and close his mouth. With Ali Bahaa, 11 grade, receiving second place it was definitely an exciting and heated game. Seen as the title “Chubby Bunny” can only given to those who have a large appetite. -Salma Ahmedimage-7image-4

Winners: Seniors!

Youssef Sabet and Aly Bahaa ->

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Day 3


Samer Assad


Nour Fakharany and Maira Soliman

835_10202480920006867_1090358841_nThe AIS High School student body certainly outdid itself with its exuberant display

of school spirit over the past few days. Today, the hallways were teeming with witches, ghouls, and…Bananas? href=”http://aispantherexpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/20131102-020216.jpg”>20131102-020216.jpgThe colorful costumes, and smiling faces which accompanied them, are certainly the primary highlights of the day. Atmospherically, there was a buzz in the air as a result of today’s excitement for the Gladiator match!


Helen, Nadia, Malak, Mai and Passant

Each grade sent forth their best warriors (who were subjected to having plastic garbage cans taped to their feet), and they were told the rules and given their weapons. The intensity in the moments leading up to each separate round was almost tangible, and at the initiation of each battle the contestants were motivated by roars of support from their respective grades. Each contestant fought admirably, but once again, the juniors emerged victorious over all! With tomorrows soccer match approaching steadily, only one question dawns: Which grade is the most spirited? Stay tuned to the AIS Panther Express for more news! – Timour Abdel Razek


^Eyoab Tibbo

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Day 5



Almost everyone dressed for spirit day. Today might have been one of the best parts of spirit week. The announcement of field trips, the two free periods, the cheering, and the football match. Everyone just seemed so enthusiastic about everything. Every grade showcased their panther pride as they sang out the AISE fight song!


Congratulations to the tenth graders for an excellent performance! In addition to a very interesting performance by the Senior boys.



AISE Varsity and Junior Varsity boys soccer teams competed in a soccer game, which left the Varsity boys as the champions! -Laila Hammouda

Pictures: Dina Farag