wwBreast cancer, is recognized as a cancer that takes place in the breast tissue, and it happens due to a genetic mutation. There are two main places where breast cancer occurs. First is in the milk ducts and if it occurs in the milk ducts then it is called ductal carcinomas. If it happens in the lobules, then it is called it called lobules carcinomas. Breast cancer is not only in humans, but also some animals as well have breast cancer. Many people believe that breast cancer happens only to female, however; this dogma is incorrect. It is more common in female, but sometimes males are diagnosed by breast cancer. It was found that breast cancer counts for about 22.9% of all the cancers in females. In 2008, they found out that breast cancer caused the death of 458,503 people. Here then comes our duty to help and decrease the amount of deaths that is caused by breast cancer.

One of the most popular symptoms of breast cancer is a lump. The lump looks weird and different in relation to the other breast tissue. There might be some parts that are larger than other, and some parts might become lower. The change in the position and the shape of the nipple is another symptom of breast cancer. The nipple as well might be condensed and evolving inside. There might be rash around the breast tissues, and the skin dimpling are other symptoms of having breast cancer. If a person feels pain around the breast tissue around the armpits than this might be a sign of having the cancer. If there were any swelling around the armpits or the collarbone (the bone that joins the breasts to the shoulder) this would be another symptom of having breast cancer.

Breast cancer has three main ways of treating it. The first and most common is surgery. The surgery includes the removal of the tumor and any surrounding damaged tissues. There are three types of the surgery: mastectomy, quadrantectomy, and lumpectomy.  Mastectomy requires the removal of the entire breast. Quadrantectomy includes the removal of only a quarter of the breast. Lastly, lumpectomy requires only the removal of a part of the breast.  After the surgery and the tumor removal, then some patients choose to have plastic surgery to enhance their appearance.

The second way to treat breast cancer is by using some type of medication. The three popular medications are: hormone blocking therapy, chemotherapy, and monoclonal therapy. Hormone blocking therapy includes the supplying of the breast with estrogen receptors to help it grow. Chemotherapy is only used on patients if the breast cancer had reached any stage between stages 2, 3, or 4; which are advanced stages of the disease. Chemotherapy works by destroying mutant cells that are growing rapidly and are causing the formation of malignant tumor. This happens by causing a kind of damage to the DNA when it’s trying to replicate the mutant cells. The process of chemotherapy lasts for 3 to six months. Chemotherapy has some negative side effects; it might cause harm to the heart muscle due to complications of the bacterial antibiotics that are used to treat cancer. Lastly, monoclonal therapy helps the to decrease the amount of HER2 production, HER2 causes the cells to grow and divide abnormally. This process as well might cause damage to the heart muscle.

Radiation is the last way to treat cancer. Sometimes radiotherapy is used to remove tumors that still have not spread and can be targeted and removed easily. However, radiotherapy can also be used after the surgery has occurred. They use radiotherapy after a surgery to remove any microscopic tumor that wasn’t removed during the surgery. The way it is done is by targeting radiation at the tumor thus removing it.

Breast cancer has caused the deaths of numerous of innocent people at different ages. All females should try to prevent breast cancer from conquering it. They should do that by having a good weight, leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and lastly by trying to breastfeed their children. If they did not prevent breast cancer then the cancer would spread. BE AWARE!!fre

The pink ribbon is now a worldwide symbol of breast cancer. When someone wears the ribbon, then it shows how he/she care and support the people who have been affected by breast cancer.

Source: www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/types/breast

By Nada Sorour