Did you know that if the world was 100 people, only 7 would have a college degree while 93 wouldn’t? Shocking I know. What is even more shocking is here to come!

Did you know that if the world was 100 people, 75 people would have cell phones while 25 would not?!

And I thought most people went to college…

So, speaking of phones now that everybody seems to have them….Did you know that over 80 million people are instagram users? insta

The purpose of this article is not to mock instagrammers or make fun of them (especially since I am one of them) but to simply give an idea of what has been trending recently.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! I love looking at them. I personally think they are the best way to store memories. The World Wide Web has become a feast for the eyes, and social networking now provides the incentive for anyone and everyone to upload and share whatever they thought was cool.

So recently, I joined instagram (no this is not a public announcement to gain followers), and I think it’s absolutely fascinating how pictures can trend so quickly. One minute you see one person taking a picture and it gets popular, the next thing everyone is doing the same pose in their pictures!. Seriously, if you do not have a picture of your nails covered in nail polish by now on your instagram regardless of how well they look, you’re like waaaay behind!

Just kidding, you can still post a picture now if you wish.

The photo sharing app, which boasts more than 80 million users has revolutionized the way we see pictures. Every Egyptian with an IPhone 4 or 5 or an android has suddenly become a photographer. I am starting to think that the very basis of instagram is not just to show off, but to feign talent we don’t even have, starting with the effects themselves. It’s funny that Instagram calls their effects ‘filters’ because they seem to do just that. It’s like these blurry, colored effects filter out the fact that the picture you just posted is of an average tree, a regular sandwich or an ugly friend and we begin to fawn over it, favorite your Instagram or even wonder how you were able to find such a great subject for your picture.

Photographer and blogger Ming Thein talks about the filters and explains: “Originally, these styles were either conscious artistic decisions, or the consequences of not enough money and using expired film. They were chosen precisely because they looked unique-either because it was a difficult thing to execute well (using tilt-shift lenses, for instance) or because nobody else did it (cross-processing),” he writes. Instagram, however, has made such techniques easy and available, taking away that original value of photography.”

It is that easy to become a photographer on instagram. You just snap a photo, touch it up with some edits, apply a filter, add like a gazillion hashtags and ta-da! Congratulations on becoming a photographer, you now have 25 more followers!

So I just thought it would be fun to post a couple of pictures (instagram filtered of course) to show you what I mean by trends. How many of us know this picture so well because you’ve seen someone snap a picture of their sushi dish every time they are at Makani or Mori sushi? ( If you are the person however, enjoy your meal 🙂 )


#sushi #yum #foodporn #favorite #food #in #the #world #ranoutofhashtags

Fine you may have not seen a sushi picture, but you surely must have seen this? Or something similar?

 ImageOMG, doesn’t this 1977 filter totally makes this pepsi look like it’s from 1977??

And of course the one and only….


Yes I know, guys probably wish they could wear nail polish so they too can post all these nail art pictures

My last and top favorite one! This is not an instagram picture but I think it pretty much sums up this summer’s trend.

ImageSo yeah if you do not have a picture of a Nola cupcake, macaroons, a Banksy graffiti, your nails and a meaningful quote, frankly you’re using instagram incorrectly.

By Mai El Naga