In the 31th of October, a family called the Duncans were on a holiday. They had 3 children, the oldest thirteen year old daughter Alice, the ten year old daughter daisy and the six year old daughter molly. On their way back home they saw this doll shop that Molly loved.

         Molly said: “Daddy, Daddy, its Kayla the doll! I’ve always wanted this doll please can we buy it?”

The father said:” okay I will buy it for you”

Molly was so excited to buy the doll and said to her father: “Thank you daddy I love you” she screamed with joy, and her father said: “you’re welcome pumpkin”.

Once they picked the doll, molly went to give the doll to the cashier, but he had this strange face, it looked like he was in shock

The father asked him: “is there something wrong”

The cashier said: “no it’s that… I heard so many weird stories about that doll”

The father thought it was a joke to scare the little kids in Halloween so he said: “oh really… well we want to buy it anyway”

The cashier said:  “okay it is your choice Sir, but let me tell you what to do every night before you go to sleep; you put her in a room and you lock the door twice, don’t forget to do that or many bad things will happen”

The father thought it was ridiculous, but agreed.

They bought the doll and went back home.

At 8 o’clock, Alice went to a Halloween party with her friends and Daisy and Molly were dressed as witches and went trick or treating in the neighborhood. After a fun day, they went back home, it was already 10 o’clock; it was time for them to go to sleep.

Before molly went to bed she remembered the cashier’s words, she put the doll in a room, but forgot to lock it twice she only locked it once and then went to sleep. It was a peaceful night, everyone was sleeping in peace, but suddenly, Kayla had opened the door. She had red eyes, and was holding a knife in her hand. Kayla left the room and saw Molly sleeping. She slowly went into the bed and slayed the knife into her, and then Kayla left the knife in Molly’s body and went back in the room. The next morning, they heard Daisy screaming, the parents went to see what happened and they saw Molly in the bed, dead. The parents were in shock. The mother took the phone while she was screaming and crying and called the police for help. The father thought of Kayla the doll so he went to see if it was in the room, but Kayla was already gone!

By Kenzy Fahmy