GTY_malala_yousafzai_jt_131006_16x9_992“Extremists have shown what scars them the most: a girl with a book”- Malala Yousafzai 

Life turns and turns and always becomes unfair,

Women and men are not the same and don’t have equal shares,

Discrimination? Why?  Those who pollute the genuine meaning of Islam,

Those who want to divert away from anything that leads to salaam,

Their greatest fear is a woman with a pen and a book,      

Sounds of bombs and shootings fill my ear everywhere I look,

The sight of blood and odor of death rips me apart,

Confused? Who are they? What for I ask?

And the reply, they are those who manipulate the truth,

They are known as extremists, those who demolish children’s youth,

They can not bear the idea of women standing up for their rights,

But, they haven’t completely won, we, women, now see their true insights,

They buried the true meaning of Islam with their deceiving attitude,

Yet, they still expect us to be overwhelmed with gratitude,              

I have only one thing to say,

Like the Pakistani Malala said, I still and will continue to protect women’s dues,

And if you refuse,

Speaking on behalf of abused women, we all swore,

This might be the beginning of another World War.


Inspired by Malala’s UN speech. If you want to take a look:               

By Suzanna Hanafy