As you may or may not know, Bassem Youssef is no on longer air. The question, ‘Why was he suspended?’ is perceived in two polarized viewpoints. One perception lies in the hands of those who favor Sisi, the current Egyptian military general, while the other, lies with those who oppose him. Those who wish to damage Sisi’s image, blame the crisis on Sisi, while those favoring Sisi choose to blame Bassem Youssef himself.El-Bernameg-bassem-youssef-season-2 copy

Bassem Youssef, our only means of political expression, has just been suspended, off air. The fact that he was suspended merely due to the fact that he criticized the current Egyptian military general, Sisi, really saddens me. I believe that Bassem Youssef’s job is to exhibit to the Egyptians what are the flaws in both sides in of the political spectrum. That is considered to be the theory of those who do not support Sisi. However, I agree with that theory, despite the fact that I support Sisi. The reason I support this viewpoint is because the same incident has occurred to Bassem Youssef during the period under the Muslim Brotherhood, however Bassem Youssef was not suspended then.

The second theory merely suggests that Bassem Youssef was not suspended because of his criticism of the Sisi, but rather because he humiliated Mohamed Al-Amin the owner of the channel, CBC. They support this theory relying on the fact that Sisi has written in the newspaper that he has completely enjoyed Bassem Youssef’s last episode. Also, if the Sisi had wanted Youssef’s program to be suspended, no channel would have accepted him, while he has signed another contract with MBC.

As you can see, Egypt is in a chaotic stage at this moment, where people who believe in polarized ideologies are disagreeing. However, the conflict lies within the fact that some Egyptians are blind and deaf to others’ opinion. I strongly believe that if one starts to open their eyes and respect others’ opinions, we could actually put an end to this on-going crisis.

By Suzanna Hanafy