Week Without Walls


What is every students dream? Is it no uniform, or maybe no homework? The possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure though, no student will ever be disappointed that they are given a variety of trips to chose from, so they can travel somewhere with all of their friends. Well AIS has done it. During the week of the 25th of February, all students get to pick one of the field trips they want to go on. There will be a variety of trips focusing on adventure and culture.

The adventure trips consist of three trips. The first being the ski trip to Switzerland. Who doesn’t want to go to the Alps and learn to speed down a snowy slope? The second being the Wahat desert trip, which will be an extremely basic lifestyle of ease and camping for those who wish to relax. Last but not least the Scuba diving trip which will consist of scuba diving training for those who are interested fun dives for those already certified and even a small part of marine biology with HEPCA to save our beloved red sea. Lastly the cultural trips, will include a trip to Spain, England and others. The one in Spain will be that of Islamic Spain the students will go around and learn about the Islamic history of Spain. Finally the trip to England; there the students will learn about English literature.

Check aisweekwithoutwalls.com for more information.

By Aly Bahaa