Not because I say “her own” booger, means that it’s okay to eat anyone else’s booger. However this issue is really started to get on my nerves, my sister enjoys eating her own booger. I think in a matter of time, she will start adding ketchup and mayonnaise to that. So I was watching TV on a Friday night during the curfew and by the side of my eye, I catch my four-year-old sister, sticking her pointer into her nose in a search of treasure. She was digging so deep until she finally CAUGHT SOMETHING! She starts smiling, pulls it out so slowly and then stares at it and sticks it into her mouth and starts chewing. At that moment, I was already throwing up in the bathroom. I thought my life was over. My sister eats her own booger and she enjoys it. MOMMMMMMYYY!!!!!awrtj

I went to my room, thinking about what the future holds for this family. What are we going to do about this issue? After forgetting about it, I was walking to the kitchen to get a coke, and then BOOM I CATCH HER DOING IT. AGAIN! SO I screamed and then I walked towards her, keeping my distance so she doesn’t touch me and I slowly say “Your finger is going to get stuck in your nose, and you will walk around with a finger in your nose people will make fun of you, and you wont have any friends” and she slowly answers me back saying “Okay” and continues her hunt for food like one of those cave men trying to catch their lunch.

I then just looked at her, and walked away in shame. After it by like 3-4 hours, she came into my room, to say “goodnight” so she had boogers hanging down of her nose, so I told her to go wipe her nose. She looks at me and gives me a deadly smile, pulls her tongue out, and then reaches her nose with her tongue and moves her tongue in half a circle and cleans her nose. With HER OWN TONGUE. I fainted. After she left, I opened my laptop and started Googling, “why do children eat…. their own booger” closed my eyes, and hit ENTER.

And this is what I found:

“It’s a nasty little habit that most parents try to dissuade their children from engaging in as early on their childhood years as possible” so fine, we’re not the only family. “But one particular piece of scientific research actually suggests that kids who at their own BOOGER may end up building stronger immunity compared to their peers, and go to live healthier happier lives” BRB I’m throwing up again the bathroom. So does that mean eating their own poop will turn them into superman? Anyway, I went on reading. “According to Dr. Fridrich Bischinger, a professor and lunch specialist out of Austria, whose research involving boogers and immunity” wow such an interesting field, anyways “He stated that “medically it makes great sense and is a perfectly natural thing to do, in terms of the immune system the nose is a filter in which a great deal of bacteria are collected, and when this mixture arrives in the intestines it works just like medicine” Oh great, next time I feel sick I will just go to my mom and tell her “MOM GIVE ME SOME BOOGERS, I’M GETTING SICK”. This website was making me sick to my stomach, and even more disgusted, it was too formal so then I opened a less-formal website. “10 reasons why kids should not eat boogers” and I thought, ONLY TEN? I COULD LIST A MILLION REASONS. Anyways, and then I went on reading. I will only tell you the cool ones that made me laugh-

  1. Boogers are an entry drug- just as marijuana or alcohol can lead users to experimentation with harder drugs, booger eating frequently escalates to share booger eating.  From there, it is but a small step for booger-eaters to graduate on to anchovies. The horror. The horror.  “Where is your sister?” ”Rehab”


”She is a booger eater addict”

*Shoots self and die*

  1. Children are starving in Africa- So we’re not like suggesting that you make a care package loaded with boogers to ship overseas; but how can you expect to help eliminate world hunger when you’ve got your fingers up your nose?

Wasn’t helping. This was only scaring me, so I decided to Google “How to get toddlers to stop eating their own booger” and then I found this:

1)   Keep your toddler’s nose clean; use a suction bulb, tissue or cotton swab to remove boogers. So she can’t find anything to eat.

2)   Run a humidifier in your home or in your toddle’s bedroom. If your toddle’s nose itches, he might be picking it at the relive the itching. A dry nose is often an itchy nose and helping with the dryness can reduce the boogers in his nose, which will also prevent him from eating as many. (Good she’ll go on a diet)

3)   Hand your child a tissue every time you see her put her finger in her nose and eat her booger. Chances are she will get so frustrated with having to wipe her nose every time you catch her eating a booger. (Lets hope she doesn’t eat the tissue to)

4)   Distract your toddler; find something even more interesting for your toddler to focus on. Distract her. (Seriously? I have to distract my sister from eating HER OWN BOOGER?)

I was getting so uncomfortable; I had to talk to someone about it. I went to my mom. Entering her room in a very dramatic way. “Mommy we need to talk” I slowly said, so then she made me sit next to her in bed. And I was like “MAMA WE HAVE A BIG ISSUE” so then she was like what’s wrong? Are you okay? So I told her I AM but your other daughter isn’t! So then she was like what happened? So I was like

“I caught her..”

“You caught her doing what?” she was so worried, I mean mama she’s four she’s probably not on drugs.

“I caught her…”



My mom started laughing so hard, and so loud. Her eyes were full of tears from laughing, and she was running out of breath. So then she told me that it’s just a normal thing that kids do, they want to experiment new things. Which made me feel more uncomfortable. As I was leaving the room my mom calls me and says something that breaks my heart, makes me want to di throw myself in the Nile River for the crocodiles to eat me. She calls my name and I look at her and she slowly says, “You did that too…”