This weekend my Applied Science class went on an astronomy field trip to Valley of the Whales (Wady El Hytan). The trip was one of the best I’ve had, and since I enjoyed it that much, I thought I’d share it with you.

We arrived at dark and got to see the sky as it began filling itself with stars. It simply looked beautiful, something that you can see only once in your life – mainly because you couldn’t take any pictures of it. Whether, it was Venus, Jupiter, or a constellation, you could’ve looked at the immense amount of stars in the sky and simply draw some pictures out of them – just like you would with clouds. The night didn’t end with the star scavenger hunt though, for we had the rest of our night free. There were simply numerous things that you could’ve done in this little empty area – whether you decided to climb a mountain, go for a walk, or simply sit around the fire, the whole experience was flawless. While most people decided to sleep outside, under the stars, my friends and I enjoyed the experience of sleeping in a tent – it sort of felt movie-like.

The second – and unfortunately last – day we went on a walk around the valley and ended it by going sand boarding. The latter was actually way harder and more tiring than it seemed. Some of us spent a couple of hours sand boarding while others just sat at the border of the lake. After that, we had lunch and then headed back home to the boring routines and city sky.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually love how I didn’t have any phone connection for two days, got to meet new people, and enjoy the whole experience.

By Laila Hamouda