What is it that makes reading so special? Readers argue that the charm behind reading lies within the gradually developing story which constitutes a book. Others would say that knowledge is the ultimate fruit to be gained from reading. Yet there’s a certain charisma behind books which is recognized by readers all over the world. In a day and age dominated by the virtual worlds of social networking, YouTube and texting, reading for pleasure has become a rarity as opposed to the norm fifty years ago. This is but an example of the inevitable changes which entail the development of a society. Teenagers with a love for reading are often seen as an oddity by their peers nowadays. Interestingly enough, some of the most prominent, respected and successful members of society bear a love for literature.Unknown

            Multiple studies show that those with a strong appreciation for texts at a young change will likely show a greater grasp over complex concepts, providing them with the basis to easily wrap their heads around a wide array of topics introduced to them throughout their academic career. Generally, avid readers are able to follow an argument and detect implications much faster than the average person. One can conclude that people with a love for reading are usually knowledgeable and broadminded, which indicates many possibilities in terms of a successful future. Of-course, reading alone does not determine one’s overall success. Simply put, a love for literature is simply

By Timour Abdel Razek