Bells are ringing,

Snow is filling up the pathways,

We’re overwhelmed with red and green as they pour in all the roads we reside,

Oh My! Christmas has arrived,

Forgiveness is felt as laughter can be heard from miles away,

Warmth, love, and kindness is overwhelmingly powerful,

The relief of warm cookies dipped in milk melting your body,

The Christmas tree with colorful bulbs and the great glowing star,

Kids wait for Santa to come for their desired drums and guitar,

The fragrance of hot chocolate kindles everyone from his or her seats,

The hot fireplace warming up the house,

Christmas is a time of love, laughter, merry and forgiveness,

What did you say?


It’s a time to forgive? I ask.

Yes, life is too short to hold back! The universe replies.

You don’t have to worry about what’s to come,

It is Christmas, a day to forgive, laugh and live your life to the utmost,


And the world will be so much easier,


And the world will smile back.


And guess what? Everyday will be as merry as Christmas.

 By Suzanna Hanafy