Did you ever dream of reaching your goal of being famous after being an ordinary teenager? Well reaching out for his dreams, Talal El Tambouly stepped foot on the AIS campus in 1998, and left the grounds of AIS in 2012. Taking every single chance he could in order to achieve his dream of being a  music producer. Talal started out as being an ordinary student trying to achieve a high GPA so he could get accepted into a high ranking university and live an ordinary life, however he then discovered his desire for singing and music in general. As Talal mentioned “I always used to listen to my CD- Player and sing along to the tunes, during the bus ride I was completely blown away by friends’ guitar skills, I kept on paying attention the whole bus ride. After that I learned the guitar basics in 45 minutes and from that point on, I bought my own guitar.” The bus ride home was the spark that got the crowd to cheer for Talal in his first AIS Talent Show of 2011. af

The first song performed by the ordinary AIS student, Talal El Tambouly, was Here Without You by Three Doors Down. It was then that he realized his future might actually be based on his talent. Talal was trying to grab onto every chance that would make him better. He worked with teachers after school such as Mr. Kevin King, Mr. David Brown, Mr. Nick Tymstra to improve his talent, and he still thanks them till today.  As Talal said “Basically they found a bunch of pieces laying on the ground and they glued it together. I was just a confused kid that didn’t know where or what to do with this “talent.”

Talal’s first performance was very emotional and hard for him. He wasn’t sure people would accept him, he felt like people will make fun of him. He told us “When I performed at the AIS Talent Show, everyone was shocked and I didn’t except to get this kind of reaction from the people. The blood was rushing through my head as I could feel the adrenaline.

It was probably the moment that kicked off my whole career. Nothing is more satisfying than people call out your name in cheers and chants.” It was a pleasant feeling for Talal to be recognized among his fellow classmate and now not only being known as the ordinary AIS kid, but the one with talent. When he went off for college, he included singing in his application, but that’s not what brought the YouTube partnership amongst him, it was his friend Ahmed Zayed who advertised their video unintentionally. Talal felt ecstatic that he, an ordinary college student, was now verified by YouTube and now sees himself at the top of the music industry within ten years with hard work and determination.

Not only did AISE have a great impact on Talal’s talent, but also his friends. There was a band named Bandetta that started between a few students here at AIS and Talal was lucky to be one of their members as a bassist and backup vocalist. He mentioned, “Bandetta was a phase in my life that really just solidified my musical capabilities. I’ve learned a lot from these guys and I do not regret a single second.” Talal realized that if it weren’t for AIS, he probably wouldn’t have recognized his talent since he mentioned, “AIS always has a way of pushing people to their max.” Being a thousand miles away from his home made him realize that its only when you are outside of your comfort zone that you reach your full potential.

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By Zeina Salama and Lea Al Huneidi