Month: January 2014

Yes to the Egyptian Constitution


Now that the constitution has been approved the Panther Express asked two AIS students to highlight some of the articles that they liked and disliked from the Egyptian constitution: Since the 2011 revolution, Egypt has been going through a lot of hard circumstances. The revolution definitely improved the country and made a huge change that..

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What’s really the difference between dieting and eating healthy?


  So lately everyone has been really into either dieting, or eating healthy. Yet we still can’t see the difference. For example, If you’re sitting somewhere with your friends and your friend orders a salad, the first thing you or someone else will say is probably “are you on a diet?” and if I was..

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True Love


Everyone wishes that they have this special person that cares about them, Whether that person is part of their family or not, If they’re living with you or across the country, I go here and there seeing how older brothers treat their younger sisters, They act like they’re best friends and are there for each..

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