Find Yourself

As a fifteen year old girl, I have not found myself. I do not know what exactly I want to do with my life and I don’t have a career plan or for that matter, a dream. In John Green’s novel Papertowns, an 18 year old boy strives to find his missing childhood best friend, Margo, before graduation. In the process, Quentin experiences many things he would not have normally experienced due to the fact that he does not feel comfortable taking risks. As well as that, Quentin learns more about himself than he does about Margo in his quest to find her. If one read Papertowns superficially, then he or she would not like it because the message is not straightforward. The whole point of Quentin’s journey was for him to discover himself, rather than live in the shadow of his love for her. Some people lose their identity once they fall in love with another person; however, Quentin’s identity became more defined after his journey.

Quentin’s journey is an example of finding yourself while trying to understand and find others. Experiences are what show us who we are. We are complex human beings, therefor, difficult to understand but what is harder than understanding others is understanding yourself. You do not know yourself until you are faced with certain situations and you will not know yourself until you understand that through experience, understanding of life and yourself are gained.


By Yosr Abdel Bary