Now that the constitution has been approved the Panther Express asked two AIS students to highlight some of the articles that they liked and disliked from the Egyptian constitution:

Since the 2011 revolution, Egypt has been going through a lot of hard circumstances. The revolution definitely improved the country and made a huge change that all Egyptians were in need of. It is now time for us to move on so we can complete our achievement and improve to the better. I personally believe that the 2014 constitution has a lot of good articles that we were missing in the past Egyptian constitutions. I do agree that some of the articles need improvement but we all have to put in mind that we are currently 84 million people living in Egypt and it is almost impossible to create a constitution that will satisfy each and every person in the country. Therefore, I personally believe that the constitution’s positives overcome its weaknesses or negatives.2014-635253854392660852-266

There is one main article that I view very positively and believe that it will create a huge change for Egypt and the Egyptians. Article 140 states that “The President of the Republic is elected for a period of four calendar years, commencing on the day the term of his predecessor ends. The President may only be reelected once. The procedures for electing the President of the Republic begin at least 120 days before the end of the presidential term. The result is to be announced at least 30 days before the end of term. The President of the Republic may not hold any partisan position for the duration of the presidency.” This article basically means that the Egyptian president is elected for a term of four years and he can only be re-elected for another term. This adds up to eight years total for one person if he is re-elected. This article is a very good one that will create a change because it means that no person could take control of the country for a long duration. This also means that no person could create a dictatorship over the Egyptian people by staying in power for years.

Another article that promoted me to vote yes was article number 19, which says “The state commits to allocating a percentage of government spending that is not less than 4% of the GDP for education”. This basically means that every year, the Government will calculate 4% of every pound that was spent in the country during this year, and the money will directly be spent on education and improvement of public schools. I know 4% percent may seem as a small number to some people but it is actually a huge amount of money when calculated from the GDP because Egypt spends a lot of money every year. This article is very important because a person’s future is based on the opportunities he gets for his education. Without education, a person can never be successful and can never become a responsible grown-up that can later on benefit his country. Therefore, if Egypt were successful in improving the education opportunities for our children, it will create a much better future for the country.

Also, the 2014 Egyptian Constitution provides the Egyptians with freedom that they have never been granted before. For instance, article 74 states that “Citizens have the right to form political parties by notification as regulated by the law. No political activity may be exercised or political parties formed on the basis of religion, or discrimination based on sex, origin, sect or geographic location.” This article basically grants the Egyptians the right to form political parties to express their opinions. It also places rules and regulations that make the formation of these parties fair for all Egyptians. For example, it states that these parties cannot be based on religion, or any type of discrimination. This makes it fair for everyone because any person could join a political party he prefers if it expresses his opinions and beliefs. It is also fair because it means that those parties will work for the benefit of Egypt and nothing else.

Overall, the constitution is a step necessary for Egypt so that we can move forward and create the change that we have planned for during the January 25th revolution. Therefore, vote yes for the constitution for the stability of the country and for the sake of moving forward.

نعم للدستور عشان العجلة تدور

By Sara Abdel Rahman