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‘’Sports do not build character. They reveal it’’- Heywood Broun. Sports are important in general as they play a significant role in our every day life; it can be a hobby or strengthen one’s endurance and improve one’s health. There are many types of physical recreation but the focus will be on synchronized swimming. It is an aquatic game based on a combination of dancing, swimming and gymnastics. Performances can either be solos, duets, trios, combos or teams. A synchronized swimming champion was recently interviewed in our school; let’s see what she has to say about it!

Hana Hanafi is a synchronized swimmer, she is sixteen years old and she was in the Egyptian national team. She practiced this sport since she was a child; her mother is the main reason why she began synchronized for her mother admired this activity and she didn’t want her to stay home all day doing nothing. She also added that she hated it at first because the National Team was really hard for her as the practice is only for the elite people in the sport and the coach is very harsh and provided her with tough practices so she wasn’t quite used to it. But when she got used to her teammates, it was impossible for her to leave it.Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 5.43.33 PM

Hana explained that the national team in Egypt is basically based on seasons (four months) or athletes wait to enact abroad, so it is not a long-term thing. She is currently not participating in it because the season ended; however, she took part in it in the previous term. She stated that last summer was the toughest as the National Team not only took time from her entire summer, but also two months of her school days. She had to go back home after school dress up, prepare her swimming bag and eat in the car, then come back home and finish all her schoolwork. It was an over load for Hana and caused her to sleep very late, she also thought it would have a negative effect her my schoolwork but it actually didn’t. During that time she had the highest GPA in the last two terms than in the other two.

The synchronized swimming practices are a bit unique, since swimmers must combine several types of sports in one sport; according to Hana, practices include swimming as well as gymnastics. The judges grade the team based on how they performed their routines and figures; the number of techniques applied also plays a major role in the scoring. Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 5.43.41 PM

To sum this up, Hana Hanafi attended the ‘’Comen Cup’’ in Spain and that was the only time when she traveled with the National Team. She claimed that this sport requires girls to have slim bodies, memorization and fast adapting skills and the most important thing is to be respectful towards the coaches and the teammates. Hana wants to study mass communication in broadcasting and she sees herself as a broadcaster ten years from now.

By Salma El Hosseny