Month: March 2014



Divergent   “Divergent” written by Veronica Roth is a fascinating fiction book that shows the reader an insight of the world around us. “Divergent” ensures that the readers are aware of the power of the government over the citizens. Furthermore, it embarks on a futuristic and dystopian Chicago where the society is divided into five..

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AIS’ Sports Events

ISAC Varsity Football Tournament On December 14, 2013, AISE hosted a Varsity Football Tournament! Schools from across Cairo, as well as international schools joined the games! AIS’ very own Varsity boys took first place!                                                     ..

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AIS’ Service Events

AIS’ first Random Acts of Kindness Day: On the 17th of February, AIS’ organization, Random Acts of Kindness hosted a Random Acts of Kindness Day! Throughout the day they were passing out sweets and balloons to High Schoolers. They truly did spread happiness, as well as put smiles on multiple faces! Why is it important to spread..

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Week Without Walls

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 6.42.30 PM

What is every students dream? Is it no uniform, or maybe no homework? The possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure though, no student will ever be disappointed that they are given a variety of trips to chose from, so they can travel somewhere with all of their friends. Well AIS has done it…

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