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I am a victim.You are a victim.She is a victim.He is a victim.We are all victims.Victims of what though?Of society?Of our own governments? Of our cultures and traditions?Nope.We are all victims of our own minds. You see, its simple, what you think, you become.Those monsters under your bed, yea, they’re you. All those issues arising and all the complications you see in your life, they’re you as well; they’re you in a different form.Any fear that you have is a reaction to something that has happened to you and so your reaction to that something is what is constantly hurting you.I am no therapist or philosopher but I know that your mind is imprisoning you.Your mind makes you fear, makes you doubt, makes you hate, and makes you distrust.Its not the people around you or the events that take place in your life, its only you. How scary is that?At the end of the day, you’re all alone, perceiving all the events that take place in your life in a certain way, all the characters in your life are created by you because only you can see those people that way and the way you perceive them does not tell you anything about them, its tells you about yourself.But you? You are a victim, you’re constantly tormenting yourself and causing yourself misery, why? Because you are that monster, you are that inspiration, you are that beauty that you possess, you are everything that has every happened to you and ever will happen to you to the point where its overwhelming.

Now after having learned this useful information; we can either proceed in tormenting ourselves or realize that nothing in this world can hurt us unless we allow it to. We can only be hurt, if we allow it.Now keep in mind that sometimes being hurt can help us in many ways and I’m not asking you to be apathetic but I am, however, asking you not to listen to your monsters and to invest in your beauty and ambition instead for example.A good example for this may be: Lets say you’re an insecure teenage girl and you are constantly hearing negative comments about your weight for example or any physical feature or personal trait even, these comments cannot hurt you unless you really believe them and let them hurt you. In conclusion, “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality”-Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

By: Yosr Abdel Bary