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Through history, women have been proven to be suffering through tough times in the light of sexism.  Women’s day is a special date celebrated annual where millions of women from all around the world gather and unite to celebrate the place women have marked in society today along with once again fighting for justice and equality. Today, Saturday March 8th, is the day that everyone has been waiting for. The official women’s day twitter page retweets many tweets posted by the ONS (office for National Statistics in the UK) to celebrate how far women have succeeded in our community today. Many of these tweeted include massive achievements dominating the other sex such as:

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If you want to see more and hear about many of the events in light of this special day, please visit their twitter page:




International Women’s Day focuses on a variety of aspects and fields such as respect towards women and many of their political, economic and social achievements. All around the world the special day is dedicated to spreading awareness about the struggles women had to go through to reach the position they’re in today. Just like Breast Cancer awareness day is celebrated with a pink ribbon, International Women’s day is similarly celebrated with a purple ribbon.

The earliest celebrations of this day started in the United States specifically in Chicago and New York all the way back in 1908. A large conference in 1910 led to the decision of spreading the celebration to Copenhagen, which then led to a massive conference held by 17 women from 100 different countries. These women marked history when they discussed promoting equal rights and 1911 was the first year where over a million female, and male, supporters fought against sex discrimination in over 1,000 demonstrations. After the feminist succeeded in renewing rights in 1980 it was decided that March 8th would be the official date for International Women’s day.

The United Nations additionally participates by creating specific themes to be celebrated every year and these can be seen here:

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This year’s main theme is inspiring change for many different aspects such as for equal recognition of women in the arts, more women in senior leadership roles, growth of women owned businesses, increased financial independence of women, more women in science engineering and technology, and finally fairer recognition of women in sport. Many events are taking place worldwide and these can be found on their official website

Regarding countless revolutions and social movements led by both men and women, it is extremely important to have this day as a way to highlight the need to have a society that embraces and provides opportunities for women. This includes discrimination and sexual harassment. Some countries are not doing well in the gender equality department and this includes Egypt, which ranked 124 of 132 in a list specified to highlight the participation of women in society. This day is to help promote Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka’s words, UN Women’s Executive Director which are that “We need women’s equal representation in leadership positions, in piece making, in communities, in politics, in business and in religious institutions.” (

Even one event will be carried out in EGYPT. Tis event will take place in AlMaqarr Coworking Space in Cairo where there will be a graphic design workshop, handcrafts gallery, movie screening and a breaking stereotypes seminar.

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By Nada Abdelatty