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What is every students dream? Is it no uniform, or maybe no homework? The possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure though, no student will ever be disappointed that they are given a variety of trips to chose from, so they can travel somewhere with all of their friends. Well AIS has done it. During the week of the 20th of February to the 27th, all students get to pick one of the field trips they want to go on. there will be a variety of trips focusing on adventure and culture.      -Aly Bahaa

England 2014

February 21st 2014

Day One:

This was actually a really interesting day, we arrived in London at 1, we toured with the bus for a bout 1 hour and then we went on to the BBC. It was pretty cool as we were able to see many of significant and essential figures known in London such as the London Eye, the Big Ben, and the Buckingham Palace. At the BBC, we saw many of the reporters that were reporting news such as the weather report. We also had the chance to pretend that we were reporting as we were reading off a screen. Finally outside of the BBC there were many names of cities on the floor and those would light up at night.


February 22nd 2014

Day Two:

We woke up at 7:30 headed to Nottingham, where we had a Dracula experience and we explored the history of Robin Hood, as well as Westminster Abbey.  We saw many how the city is known for the witches that live there, which is quite exacerbating to see how others live their lives

IMG_4799February 23rd 2014

Day three:

We departed Whitby in the county of Nottingham and travelled by bus to Stratford Upon Avon. In the afternoon, we saw a play named “War Horse” and it was absolutely fantastic. (I even cried during the play)


February 24th 2014

Day Four:

We went and saw Shakespeare’s birthplace as well as Anne Hathaway’s cottage. Then we departed Stratford Upon Avon and headed to London.



February 25, 2014:

Day Five:

harry potter

In the morning we took a 2-hour workshop by the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company), where we learned how to act using our bodies as well as our voices. Later that day, we went on a harry potter tour where we saw the animals who acted in the movies and the props used.

February 26, 2014:

Day Six:




Today we went to see the Globe Theater where we were educated on how the theater was built and why it was built. We also went to see Big Ben and take a ride on the London Eye, where we got to see London’s skyline.

February 27, 2014:

Day Seven

buckingham palace

Unfortunately, today is our last day in London. However, in the morning we went to Buckingham Palace where we saw the golden gates and were told that the Queen herself was in the Palace

By: Suzanna Hanafy and Nour Fahmy


Islamic Spain

Day 1:

After having arrived today, we were all pretty tired and resorted to a late lunch at the hotel and some casual walking around the city. Madrid’s night life is awesome and extremely vibrant, and I could tell just from being there for a couple of hours. The plane was pretty tiresome so I think we’re all going to head to bed a bit early tonight and get some real exploring done tomorrow bright and early.

Day 2:

As astonishing as it is, Madrid’s mornings are just as amazing and full of life as the nights are. People are constantly walking around, taking pictures, eating ice cream in the midst of the cold, and just enjoying their time. Although we haven’t gone to southern Spain yet, even Madrid has evident traces of a past Islamic empire. There’s a monument right by our hotel, Lusso, that genuinely reassured me that the Islamic empire had been around for around eight centuries. In Spain, they’re most commonly known for their fish, so our chaperones have promised us a visit to one of the best restaurants in town before we leave.

Day 3:

Today we rented a big bus and drove from Madrid to Córdoba, which is where I really found evidence of the Islamic empire. The city’s most widely known cathedral, La Catedral de Córdoba, is one of the most beautifully structured monuments of Islamic art I’ve ever seen. Although it transformed into a church now, traces of its Islamic mosque heritage are still vividly prevalent. The stained glass is what impressed me the most, in addition to the tangerine trees that grow all throughout the center of this chathedral. Córdoba truly is a beautiful city, and it kind of upsets me that we’ll be leaving straight away tomorrow.

Day 4:

As willing as I was to stay in Córdoba to visit all of the other spectacular sites and take multitudes of pictures, I knew that it would only get better- and that’s exactly what happened. Today we drove to Sevilla and visited even more mosques that have been turned into cathedrals with crosses on the top and the integration of stained glass on the upper parts of the walls. Again, I’m utterly astounded by the beauty of stained glass and if I could have my very own ceiling to my bedroom consist of just stained glass with the sun shining right through, I would. The entire group had lunch at a quaint little place across the street from our hotel, although I didn’t particularly like the dish we were having. Call me picky but I would prefer my chicken with oil and not my oil with chicken. Even the french fries were bending and folding in mushy shapes from all the oil that it’d been soaking in. Anyways, today was an exhilarating day, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to bring.

Day 5:

Apparently a plethora of angry hotel residents complained of excessive door-banging last night, and instead of grounding the entire group, our chaperone chose to skip our day-visit that we had planned in Tolido. Although we were quite upset, he said that it would not have interested us that much anyways and that Granada would be more insightful. And so we spent the bus ride singing, dancing, and eating Pringles for 6 hours on our way to Granada. Upon finally reaching our destination, we had a quick head-count and then everyone went up to their rooms for bed. I hope tomorrow meets my expectations of excitement.

Day 6:

And just as I had expected, Granada IS amazing. Spain’s most well-renowned tourist attraction- the Al Hambra- was located in one of the most beautiful areas I’d ever seen. Surrounded by lush greenery and floral representations strewn across all the walls, it’s astonishing to imagine that this entire fortress has been around for nearly 800 years. It was during the Islamic empire that the Al Hambra was built as a means of hosting the royal family. Interestingly enough, the one room in the entire palace that was built for the women and children of the palace, actually has the most extravagant view of them all. The specific window overlooks a lush patch of garden with a soothing flow of water gently rushing into a greater pond in the center. Today’s site was truly beautiful and it genuinely saddens me that tomorrow shall be our last day.

Day 7:

We’re back in Madrid now and our chaperones left us this day entirely free to shop for souvenirs and any shops we don’t generally have access to back in Cairo. This trip was absolutely lovely and the company was even better- I couldn’t have asked for a better way to have hadthe trip of Spain 2014 play-out.  IMG_1646

By Sara Elmessiry


Switzerland Skiing Trip 

The trip to Switzerland was the best. Skiing was a new thing to most of us as well as the weather there. The days were verbatim the same everyday:

1. We wake up at around 7
2. Leave the chalees at 8:15
3. When we arrive to Les Elfes, the camp site, we get ready by putting on our ski equipment
4. We ski from 9:30 to 3:30 and we go back to the site to take off the ski equipment
5. Have a small snack and Hot Chocolate
6. Sign Up for an activity: Stay, Town, or Swim
7. Go back to Chalees; get ready and go to where we signed up for
8. Dinner at 7
9. Spend time in the Camp Site:
a. Play Ping Pong
b. Play Pool
c. Play Baby-Foot
d. Meet New People
10. Bus takes us back to Chalees at 9:45
11. The Bus Journey was the Best
a. We kept chanting Master, Master
b. We also chanted Best Day, Best Day
c. “Are You Guys Happy? Yees! U Enjoying? Yees! I Hope!”
12. In Rooms at 10:30
13. Lights Out at 11

Best Day was the 4th Day because there was a Disco Night.

Mohamed Shawky

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Scuba Diving Trip to Hurghada 

On February 20 till the 27th, a group of AIS students embarked on a scuba diving trip. Organized by Ms. Maggie Clements and Mr. Tom Kaster, the students were able to complete their course and earn their open water diver certificates! They spent the first couple of days in the heart of Hurghada, and their last three days in the midst of the Red Sea on a boat safari. Sleeping on the rough Red Sea waves was an interesting experience with its ups and downs! Nevertheless, the scuba diving experience is one in a million. The students got to sea multiple types of fish including clown fish, parrot fish, manta rays, eels, sea turtles, and the most magical of them all: dolphins! Spending 45 minutes swimming with dolphins was an experience like no other! Thankfully, the group of students passed all of their exams and by the 27th of February were recognized as open water scuba divers! They can’t wait for the next scuba diving trip down their path!

By Malak Sekaly