A Malaysia Airlines passenger jet that was en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur went missing on Saturday, March 8 and has still not been found to this day. The aircraft had 239 passengers on board from many countries across the globe.

This is considered to be one of the biggest mysteries of modern-day aviation, with up to 13 different countries trying presently searching for the jet. In the first few days of investigation, the areas in the flight’s scheduled path and near the estimated crash site were searched but no sign of the plane was found.


Today, the search continues with its expansion into the Indian Ocean, with dozens of ships and aircrafts from many countries looking for any possible signs that could lead them to the planes whereabouts. Many different theories have come up from officials and witnesses, which have all later been denied. There were up to eight false hopes that baffled investigators even more, whether it was the two passengers who flew with fake passports (leading to people believing that it was a terrorist act), the Chinese satellite that picked up images of floating debris, an oil rig worker saying he witnessed the plane go down, or the theory that the plane kept flying for up to five hours under radar. Conjectures are still being made about what was the cause behind the disappearance, with some evidence pointing to the probability that the plane was deliberately flown off the intended course.

For now, nothing is certain and everyone is baffled as to how the plane could have simply disappeared. For all we know, this could be the work of aliens.

By Ali Badr