Many people thought that the idea of having another war after World War Two was impossible. Well, it is not impossible because we are living in a world where governments are only working for themselves and not for which the country they were elected by. Now people think only of how to become better for their own sake and not their country’s and its citizen’s. We are living in a selfish world filled with egocentric people. The rope of unity that was keeping everyone together was cut off a long time ago by our narcissistic egos. We started to think about how a person can harm rather than help us. We start to think of ways to become better than those around us so we can be #1, and only us. We forgot that the game of life is not played by a team of 1 but a team of many. And I wonder why certain people dwell in others’ business; they want to know what they do and how they do it in order to beat them. But in retrospect, we are stupid because we fail to see that the only way to success is nit by working only for yourself.

360050-world_war_iii_wantPeople need to understand that governments do what’s best for them and not for their people. The European countries occupy African countries for their resources and people, who they take as slaves. But once they took what they needed they think they have the right to throw that country away and move to the next. Israel thought it had the right to occupy Egypt, but it did not. America thinks its alright to interfere in all but it’s own business. It interferes with every Middle Eastern country. It makes sure that every single country in Africa and in parts of Asia are too undeveloped and uneducated to understand that it is depriving it of all its glory. People think its fair to define other people based on a map with a couple of lines indicated borders that can either glorify or vilify his or her existence. Looking at the world we are living in today, I would not at the slightest be surprised at the start of another world war. We have allowed our own selves to “Put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart” (Achebe).

By Nour Fahmy