1.  We are not “TINKEEN!”

When I’m walking down the street, minding my own business, and some guy shouts out something completely melodramatic like “Amout ana!!” And I don’t answer, consider it my method of staying safe from assault and NOT me being pompous.

2. You are NOT my father.

If I’ve made the decision to make you a significant other in my life, this means I value your time and company. This is not in any way an open invitation to alter my lifestyle, mindset, and social life. Time to time I will want your input on what I do, but yes, it is INPUT and not an order I’m looking for.


Shave. Everywhere. Please. This..is not sexy.

haygeeli galta

4.  You are NOT a woman, stop assuming you know everything.

When a lady goes out in skinny jeans and a t-shirt, she isn’t going out with the intention that “heyyy ana hat3akes enaharda ya 7alawa!!” Nobody under any circumstances, leaves their home with the desire to be harassed. It just doesn’t happen and no girl is ever asking for it. (Unless they need psychological help, of course.)

5.  We are NOT your mother.

Just because you’ve been spoiled most of your adult life, does not mean when you move out of your parent’s home, and into another, you have the birthright to tantalize your woman! Wash yourself, feed yourself, cloth yourself, you are not a baby.

6. You are NOT a twelve-year old.

Stop fighting over girls like they are the only female that will ever come your way. Life is not a competition. And we make up half the human population…don’t worry, it’ll happen.

7. Not every guy is a mama’s boy.

Not every guy that is close to his mother, and respects her is a mama’s boy. Respect women, fellas. Just because a man loves his mother doesn’t mean he is dependant and “sees.”

8.  Aggression is NOT going to get you your way.

Being an AYM (Angry Young Man) will not help you in any way. This is a standard rule in life. Not with your lady, you’ll only pressure her to lie to you. Not with friends, you’ll push them away with your hostility. And definitely not in your career, where you’ll be seen as cruel and bad to work with. Guys, msh 3ashan 3ayzeen teb2o gamdeen ya3ni.

9.  Guys, stop criticizing other guys who agree with their girls.

Just because two people might actually agree with eachother, and not be fighting 24/7 like the staple Egyptian couple these days, doesn’t mean the male counterpart is a “daldool” or whipped. He, as well as she, are probably just NORMAL people who get somewhere with their conversations. How sees.

10. Stop ridiculing your friend just because he loves someone.

Yes its true, sometimes men actually like their girlfriends. It happens. Not every guy is going to be dating a girl just to use her. So when that time comes when your bro actually cares about his significant other, don’t tantalize him about it, you jealous moron.

11. Giving me my space doesn’t mean ignore me.

Just because a girl is capable of managing her own life, and doesn’t invite you to manage it for her, this doesn’t mean you disregard her entirely. Take interest in what she does, just don’t dictate it.

12. Finally, we really aren’t that complicated.

Seriously guys, how hard is it to buy us chocolate and tell us we’re pretty?


Written by Farah Ahmed