ISAC Varsity Football Tournament

On December 14, 2013, AISE hosted a Varsity Football Tournament! Schools from across Cairo, as well as international schools joined the games!

AIS’ very own Varsity boys took first place!

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Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball


This Friday, the JV volleyball team participated in a tournament at the British international school of Cairo.  There where 7 schools; Choyaifat, CAC, Alson,Choaiyfat 6th of October, MES, NSBIS and BISC. We played against CAS, MES, Choayfat, Alson and Choayfat 6th of October. AIS was in the semi finals we were gonna be in 3rd of 4th place. Our last game was against Alson. It was the most intense because we had the same scores. Unfortunately when we played for the 3th time we lost. We were a bit disappointed but we had alot of fun. We had a lot of fun cheering with Chouifat they are really good sports and they were really supportive. Next week we have a tournament in AUC, our school is hosting people from Dubai and Beirut. We will push ourselves to to the limit.Go Panthers!

By Kenzy Fahmy

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ISAC Girls Volleyball Tournament 


The ISAC I international volley ball tournaments where many schools unite to play games. AIS and MES were hosting people that were coming from outside of Egypt such as Abu Dabi and Beirut. It was a 3 day tournament. The schools that were playing were AIS, MES, El Alson, NCBIS, ANS and the Beirut team. In the first tournament AIS won against El Alson and Beirut. The second day, we won against MES but we lost against ANS, the Abu Dabi team. The last day of the tournament, the ANS School got disqualified because the Beirut team complained that ANS were over the age of 16, which is a violation of the rules of Junior Varsity. After they got disqualified we were in the finals against Beirut and we and we beat them. It was such an amazing experience, we got to meet new people and we made new friends. We got to know the ANS girls better, they are so sweet and they were really fair players, we decided to dedicate our trophy because they really deserved it. The best moment in the tournament was they called our name, there was this feeling of joy in our heart, we were so proud that we finally did it, after all our hard work we were finally the champions.

By Kenzy Fahmy