alia el sabrout

alia el sabrout

What inspired you to be a member of the Student Council in AIS?

I wanted to make a difference and aspired to change the way many things were done at AIS.

The event “March Madness” was it your idea alone, or as a committee? Was this the first time for this event to be held in the school if not since when?

Mr. Lentz and the administration had come up with it last year. They had planned it fully, however, this year, they decided to hand it over to the Student Council to plan it. It is March Madness’ second year.

What different types of games are included in the event? Is it only one day if not how many?

The games include: Track and field, soccer, food competitions, basketball, volleyball, and academic games

No, it will go on for three weeks. For the first two weeks, it will be starting from lunch until the end of the day. The last week, it will start from 4th period and last throughout the end of the day. The last day will be the 27th of March 2014.

Alia did you personally participate in any of the games?

Yes, I have participated and will still participate in the girls soccer matches, as I am a part of the tenth grade girls soccer team.

Did you win the match, yes or no and why? How can you improve?

No, we lost. We tied during the match, yet we lost during the penalty kicks. We need to practice more for better results.

As a player of the soccer team do you have the qualifications of winning the other matches? Can you explain the role of teamwork in relation to be able to win?

Yes, we do Inshallah! We need to work together as a team, putting our all into the game, and hoping for the best.

How was the preparation of the event, when did you start preparing for it?

The preparation of the event started about a month ago, yet it was finalized over the course of the past two weeks. It was a lot of work and required time and effort, yet it was worth it at the end, we, as Student Council Members, all hope.

Were there any mistakes that you or the committee noticed at the fist day that you wish to change?

We have noticed many, ranging from large flaws in regards to the planning of the event or small details in their carrying out.

Are you planning on doing it again next year? Do you have new changes or ideas that you are planning to make for the next year?

Yes, hopefully. We had a great deal of ideas this year, yet, due to many constraints, we only picked a handful of events. Next year, we hope to change the events around a little bit, so as to not make it repetitive.

march madness

Are you planning on joining the Student Council again next year? If yes, do you have any plans that you wish to impose for the next school year?

Yes, I hope to be admitted, once again, into the Student Council. I don’t have a specific idea in mind, yet I would like to be a part of it again to contribute to the school as much as possible to make it the best that it could be.

By Nada Sorour