Walk down the streets of Cairo and look around…Do you like what you are seeing? Do you like what we have become?

Turn the T.V on and switch from channel to channel…Do you like what you are hearing? Does it not strike you at all that we have become flocks or rather herds that merely follow?

What is it with Egyptians and the need to idolize? Why do Egyptians feel the need to be led by someone?

It appears that people find comfort in believing in someone and putting so much faith into someone, blocking all doubts and refusing to think that this person may not be half as great as the image they have created of him.

downloadYes, I am talking about General Sisi here. I find it disappointing that a nation as great as ours should one day become nothing but a herd that follows a leader. You turn on the T.V, and the song “teslam el ayady” is on, so you switch out of boredom because you’ve heard it way too many times only to find new Sisi songs admiring his “heroic” qualities and speaking on behalf of Egyptians ” We all need you Sisi, you are our savior”. I am starting to think songwriters are running out of words to praise him with.  But that is not It, there is an ongoing theme of Sisi admiration that designers have cared enough as to include him in accessories, chiefs in cooking shows and fast food restaurants in new recipes ( yes there is an actual sandwich with the name “Sisi mix”-watch El Bernameg for reference ).

What was even more shocking was the prime minister’s comment on public television on how Egyptian women find Marshal Abdel Fatah el Sisi handsome (no comment on that :one)

People need to stop idolizing. Admiration has its limits. No need for songs. No need for mini Sisi chocolates or little Sisi toys sold everywhere.   Shower him with praise! They said. “Make him into the greatest man that ever lived” They said. Just don’t complain when dictatorship once again overrules us… Only then we as Egyptians will have no one to blame but ourselves.

 By Mai El Naga