Egyptian Day!



Wednesday April 16th, 2014 was Egyptian Day here at AIS! If you were wondering why you saw so many High School students dressed up in Gelebeyas, now you know why. Egyptian Day is an annual tradition that takes place at AIS, sponsored by the Candles of My Country (CoMC) committee, organized by Ms. Susan Nour. But what’s the purpose of Egyptian Day, and what does the CoMC committee have to do with it? Egyptian Day is dedicated to showing your Egyptian pride through what you eat and what you wear. The sponsors aim to have all the money they fundraise come from sales that revolve around cultural Egyptian aspects, such as he bakesale and the dressdown. The bakesale included traditional foods such as fuul and ta3meya, beleela, carcaday, bakwala, balah elsham, and Koshary, which is a MUST HAVE dish. As for the dressdown, one could’ve either worn colors of the national flag or traditional Egyptian attire. As seen, the money which is collected from this day is not only from the sales made, but sales that were purely dedicated to showing students’ true Egyptian side. The committee encouraged a traditional Egyptian atmosphere, and succeeded in doing so.

A day like Egyptian Day is a reminder that within us all; whether you’re a bawab, an engineer, or a student, if you’re Egyptian, you’re Egyptian. We eat the same food, are influenced by the same mentality, and have a ceaseless need to offer our food to everyone we meet. A special thanks to the committee for planning this day out, and a huge thanks to all of you who participated, great job everyone!


By: Amy El-Zayaty