Mark your calendars!  Egypt’s first environmental fair is what is next to come.

In an attempt to benefit their community and raise awareness on reducing Egypt’s resource consumption, a group of IB students from various schools around Egypt decided to put together a project that will culminate into a big event in May. The event that is expected to take place is a large fashion show where all the outfits presented are purely made out of recycled material. Expect dresses made out of chipsy bags and suits fashioned using newspapers and chocolate wrappers!

The aim of the fair is to bring together all people who are interested in helping to sustain and improve the environment that we live in and to raise awareness of this important issue in one large enjoyable event. The fair will be held at the AISE campus on the 31st of May.

Booths for NGOs and companies whose CSR projects are dedicated to the environment will also be available. This will give people the opportunity to learn about the environment and how they can contribute. The minister of the environment Laila Iskandar will be attending the event as a guest speaker. Alongside musical entertainment & bands, food stalls will be available as well as a kid’s zone for parents to drop off their kids and enjoy the fair. In addition, ongoing student projects such as turning recycled material into art will be showcased at the event


Money gained from the event will be donated to NGOs dedicated to supporting the environment.

We as students have all probably been lectured on the importance of saving our environment and reducing our resource consumption at least once in our lifetime, this event though will hopefully spark a new interest in the idea of recycling and encourage people to begin re-using their waste material to make something out of it!dry-tie.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smart

By Mai El Naga