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Karem Mahmoud was one of the most renowned and admired composers in Egyptian history. Born on the 16th of Match, 1922, near the coastal city of Alexandria, he was deemed a musical prodigy by his music professors at an early age. He eventually mastered multiple complex songs by Sayed Darwish, and many more. His skills as a musician and composer were honed under the guidance of well-known Egyptian singers such as Fouad Mahfouz and Darwish El Hariri. Once he graduated, he pursued his dream of being a singer and an actor. He eventually married a lady named Fawzaeya El Zoheiry, and together they had two children, Mahmoud Karem and Merval Karem. His songs were of an inspirational nature, intricately composed and beautifully performed. One of his famous songs is called called “Amana 3alek yalel Tawel” and “Samra ya Samra”.Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 1.12.45 PM

Unfortunately, in 1995, he passed away in London at the Saint Mary Hospital due to a severe car accident. Before he underwent surgery, his last words to the doctor were “Protect my vocal chords throughout the procedure”. He died shortly after, but his work and compositions will live on forever.

To listen to his song “Samra ya Samra” click on the following link:\

By Kenzy Fahmy