There are many men in the Igbo culture who are egotistical and Okonkwo was one of those men. As I was told by on one my court messengers, Okonkwo was appreciated by his barbaric tribe, which only proves that he was the greatest barbarian amongst them. This man with an adolescent mentality has killed a court messenger, which is unexplainable. This ignorant man and foolish beast killed a messenger who was only trying to spread peace in the community and to negotiate a way to stop the village, Umuofia, from starting an unnecessary war that will result in their death. Okonkwo is pugnacious and I was told would stop at nothing to taste the exciting of war. This uncivilized man has led himself to death; how vacuous can he be! If only he had listened to the court messenger and took his advice like civilized, wise men he would not have hung himself from a tree like a lunatic would. Okonkwo would have been offered a better life if he had converted to Christianity; however, he is bigoted and narrow-minded and nothing, any man with reason would tell him he would be able to process and actually think about.

This is the paragraph written from the point of view of the District Commissioner in Things Fall Apart. It shows how stereotypical Westerners can be to different cultures they call “primitive.”

By Nour Fahmy