Comfort Zones are really convenient places. Our comfort zones are beautiful. However, they are also limiting. They limit us and they confine us.You may think confinement can only be negative, but our comfort zones are in fact a confinement. We don’t feel confined or imprisoned when in our comfort zones, we don’t feel it.We, as human beings, are very fearful people. We don’t like change, we like comfort. We like to feel safe.Our comfort zones may be extremely convenient, but what can we really do in our comfort zones?The answer is close to nothing really.Change can be good and bad.It can completely transform our lives to the better or to the worse.We really don’t know. Some of us can find that oblivion exciting and some of us can fear it and return to the little holes we dug ourselves into.

I am one of those people who so dearly loves her comfort zone, yet, ironically I am ambitious. Many are victims of this same issue. Comfort zones make us want to stay the same and make us dread change, but when will we ever grow and prosper without a risk? But heres the thing, the risk could completely ruin your life or it could completely transform it to the better. Sometimes you have to listen to yourself and do what you want to do. Nobody knows you better than you, so if there’s someone or something pressuring you to stay in your comfort zone, then its probably time to leave. Risks can be completely idiotic, yet, they make us grow. So step out of your comfort zone and experience the thrill of not knowing whats to happen next.