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10 Reasons to love your solitude:

“Our bodies deserve to be more than war-torn and collateral, offering this f***dom as a pathetic means to say… I only know how to exist when I am wanted”


This is an excerpt from “Body Love,” spokenpoetry, by Mary Lambert. This poem stimulated a clutter of thoughts in my mind; it’s sad, yet eye opening. The perpetual idea that you must be with someone to be happy is false. Here’s why:


1.) Bubble baths and chocolate covered strawberries- If you haven’t done this yet, now is the time.

2.) You must love yourself first, before being able to love someone else.

3.) There’s a difference between being alone, and lonely.

4.) You shouldn’t settle for someone you deserve better than, just because you are lonely.

5.) Find your passion, whether it’s music, writing, politics, science, sports, or even mathematical equations.

6.) There are other joys in life- Your fathers footsteps when he comes home from work, or when your mom makes spaghetti bolognaise for lunch.

7.) You don’t have to worry about restrictions from your partner – “Don’t wear this, don’t say this, don’t talk to him” and so on.

8.) This is a good opportunity to make time for yourself, pull your grades up, make new friends, and most importantly find yourself.

9.) Once you’ve accepted the fact that you are happy on your own, and you don’t need anyone, then you will be so much more satisfied.

10.) If you’re a teenager, then your standards should be almost insatiable, do not settle for less.

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By: Farah Khairat