“Trash is everywhere. Soda cans, plastic bags, and cigarette butts litter the environment, choke wildlife, and threaten our planet. By combining technology, social awareness and art, the Litterati is tackling this ever-escalating problem one piece of litter at a time.”


Litterati is a virtual way using Instagram to map where litter is; it works to clean the planet one piece of trash at a time. This was recognised by Instagram and a post was made in order to raise awareness. The project was inspired when Jeff Kirshner was taking a walk in the woods with his young daughter and he spotted a piece of garbage. Litterati presents a social element to cleaning up garbage.


There are three steps:

1.) Find a piece of litter

2.) Take a photo of it and post it on Instagram and hashtag it with #litterati

3.) Throw it out, recycle, or compost the litter!


This is effective because people will then see your photo and will be encouraged to do the same. So go ahead, next time you see a piece of litter, make a change and follow the three steps above!


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check out their instagram @litterati