Let’s give it up to the happy fools

And let us pray they will forever remain fools

Because as long as I lived, I’ve never met an unhappy fool.

It’s easy to say they’ve been gifted by the genetic lottery.


The gift of blindness has nevermore been so gracious,

For they cannot see the fiery rebukes of the so-called hell that we live in,

Nor feel the aching pierce of a broken heart.

Therefor, I sit back in envy.


Behind the shadows of every man’s lost dream

It keeps you cold and astray,

But with every thought of hope it’s like a break of light

The sun moves across you, standing in a half-light


And we’re going to hold what we felt at the break of light

Make it our escape from the miserable allusion we have created for ourselves

While the happy fools remain in the light of the sun

We dance across the broken grounds, trying not to touch any cracks.


Oblivious to the fact that ignorance is bliss

We tread across an unknown depth of water

Happy fools on the other hand,

Tread across unknown water but do not fear it.


Salma Hossam A.