Month: September 2014

We Hate Different?


The human race is a perplexing species to say the least; we are a species quick to advance but slow to mature, eloquent in word but clumsy in action, insecure yet boastful and conceited. We are, tragically, an incarnation of pure hypocrisy. Perhaps our greatest paradox, however, lies in the reason we hate that which..

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Egyptian Investor Leaves Job After His Daughter, 10, Gave Him A List Of Important Commitments He Has Failed To Achieve Due to His Work.

Pimco's El-Erian Sees Rounds Of Quantitative Easing Starting November

  Mohamed El-Erian, 56, CEO of PIMCO, resigned from his job being the chief of the world’s biggest bond business. It is rumored that Mr. El-Erian left PIMCO in January due to issues with Bill Gross, the company’s founder. But, although there were issues with Bill Gross, he claims that this is not the reason..

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